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International Designer 2012


1st: Gloomth

Last year's winners have done it again & claimed the title of International Designer for a second year running! Specializing in unique hand made alternative apparel, Gloomth create dark alt wear with a touch of gothic lolita, and victoriana influences.

With a catalogue bursting to the brim with plenty of victorian laced blouses, frilly dresses & tailored coats that will easily please any adoring gothic lolita.


2nd: Kambriel

Our 2010 winners return for the vote, With an abundance of romance, victorian, whimsical, & gothic designs, Kambriel's work has adorned the likes of Neil Gaiman, & Faith and the muse over the years.

With such stunning designs, and inventive vision that's continued throughout 2012 in their designs.

Mother of London

3rd: Mother of London

Mother of London have been creating their unique brand of conceptual designs since 2006. Wearable pieces of art that truly captivating and eye catching, as close as alternative fashion gets to high end couture.

Image credits: Model - Alexandra Matthews | MUA - Jill Fogel | Photographer - Allan Amato

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