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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2016 - International Company


Winner : Sinister - 49% of the public vote

Well known and adored for their stunning gothic attire, with some beautifully made and exquisite pieces amongst their latest range. Sinister have long been a reader favourite - making them this year's winners!

Image credits:

Model: Obsidian Kerttu

Photographer: Martina Spoljaric photography


2nd place : Corsette - 29% of the public vote

Stunning latex attire that looks amazing, Corsette certainly do love the slinky fabric just as much as our readers do! Making them one of your favourites in this years poll!


Image credits:

Model: Diva Akasha

Dark in Love

3rd place : Dark in Love - 22% of the public vote

With some beautifully dark designs, Dark in Love have created a range that brings together a stylish mix of gothic style with classic lolita fashion, making them one of your favourites this year. |

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