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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - International Company

Hades Footwear

Winner : Hades Footwear - 40% of the public vote

An alternative footwear company that you just can't get enough of, as you've voted them this year's winner. With a collection comprised of beautifully crafted gothic, steampunk, and punk styled footwear, that's caused many a case of shoe envy. |

Sinister clothing Sinister clothing

2nd place : Sinister - 37% of the public vote

A company well known for their vast range of gothic clothing and accessories, Sinister have once again caught your eye with their gorgeous new designs this year.

Lip Service

3rd place : Lip Service - 23% of the public vote

Our 2012-2013 winners return once again for the public vote, with their continuous collections of jaw droppingly gorgeous alternative designs, it's no wonder why.

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