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International designer; Kambriel



Fresh from our latest issue feature, it's no wonder that Kambriel's designs have taken to our readers.

With an abundance of romance, victorian, whimsical, & gothic designs, Kambriel's work has adorned the likes of Neil Gaiman, & Faith and the muse over the years.

With such stunning designs, and inventive vision that's continued throughout 2010 in their designs.

2nd place

Bibian blue's stunning corsetry has been adorning many for the past ten years.

From the stunning steampunk & regal designs in their Autumn/winter 2010 collection, their corset designs have long been the envy of many.

2010 also saw Bibian blue's designs take place in an exhibition of fashion at the Terrassa textile museum, as well as taking part in fashion shows across Europe.

3rd place

Mother of London have been creating their unique brand of conceptual designs since 2006.

With a portfolio of collaborations as far and wide as Bizarre to Vogue. 2010 saw them dressing everyone from Juliette Lewis to Torture garden zombies, who else could pull that off so well?!