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Illamasqua Review

Illamasqua only a year old have fast become the favourite in alternative high end cosmetics.


A staple brand in every gothista and pin up kittens make up bag, and a brand with alternative roots.

Upon the launch of their collection in 2008 I was eager to have a play with the cosmetics up close; seeing the vibrant shades of orange, yellow, & pink amongst an abundance of black and greys it was the arrival of a high end label I'd been dying to find.

Whilst it has taken your editor a good year to finally get around to trying some of Illamasqua's collection it was more than worth the wait to see the items up close and personal at one of their counters.

In my mini Illamasqua haul I picked a few day to day staple pieces from their range.

Cream eye shadow

I picked up the wonderfully vibrant 'Suck' in their cream eye shadow, a shade of blue that's more vivid than I've seen before. Being more fond of cream and loose pigment eye shadows over powder this is perfect!

The eye shadow is wonderfully easy to apply on over a dab of primer and blends so easily, the colour lasts all day and is a wonder vibrant light blue when worn.

Intense lip gloss

I grabbed the vampy 'Besotted' shade in their lip gloss, not one to wear lipstick too often lip gloss is my bags best friend.

Such a perfect dark red shade, Besotted shows as a glossy intense red when worn, the tube makes it so easy to apply with a single coat.

Nail varnish

To finish off my mini haul I grabbed Rampage, a foresty green shade of their nail varnish, a colour that's abundant in my cosmetic bag.

Such a stunningly dark shade of green, and effective within a single coat I've managed to keep this on all week without needing to re-apply at all!

Overall I'm wonderfully pleased with my choices I picked up in my mini haul. I'm already eyeing up other shades of the cream eye shadow to grab, and listing more to try out when I find myself at one of their marvellous counters again.

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