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Handmade by Zombies

Huggable undead teddie bears, fuzzy creatures & adoreable bat boys. You'd be easily forgiven for thinking that we've gone a bit mad here at Alt fashion, but these are in fact the handmade creatures created by Jennifer Flynn at Handmade by Zombies.

Handmade by zombies

Ever creating, Handmade by Zombies was launched following a curiousity to start sewing. Featuring loveable uniquely made furry creatures with a monster theme.

Colourful, furry creatures are brought to life using a range of fabrics and materials to create each individual design.

Each creature has it's own unique personality, from the ever so huggable but quite dead Zombie bear, to the fuzzy and brightly quirky Bomble.

Handmade by zombies

Inspiration for each creation is taken from Jennifer's own likes and interests, from sci-fi and fantasy with a bit of gothic horror thrown in for good measure, helping to shape each of these undead creations.

But the range doesn't just feature cuddleable undead creations, with a range of accessories & jewellery also under the Handmade by Zombies name, you can find one of a kind skull embellished bags, & furry wallets.

As an artist Jennifer is always keen to develop her skills, having tried her hand at jewellery making & digital art, every craft and skill is taken on board to create a wide range of designs.

You can find Handmade by Zombies latest creations on both Etsy & Folksy. Or why not join them on Facebook for all the latest designs in the making.