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Our guide to fake hair : everything from hair extensions, to wigs.

Why spend hours bleaching and teasing your hair, when you could turn to some colourful fake hair for your latest look instead! Hair extensions, wigs, and synthetic dreads, are a great way to create some unique and stylish alternative looks. So why not choose your next hair style with some help from our handy guide to fake hair.

Man wearing green wig : Guide to alternative fake hair

Whatever look you want to go for, fake hair really does allow you to update your look with ease. Whether it's a simple change with a colourful alternative wig, or a visit to the hair salon for some vibrant hair extensions.

Fake hair has long been the preferred choice for many alternative hair styles. There's no limit to what you can create, all you need is a few essential pieces and you could soon be adorning an entirely new look.

The quick and easy solution : clip in extensions & wigs.

Whether it's a quick change of look that you fancy, or an added pop of colour to your hair, wigs and extensions are by far the easiest way to change your hair style. Many alternative retailers stock a wide range of colourful wigs and clip in hair extensions, allowing you to create any look you desire.

Both are easy to wear, and require minimal effort. Clip in hair extensions can simply be placed under a layer of your own hair to add a vibrant streak of colour to your current hair style.

If it's a bit of a boost that your looking for with your hair, why not try clip in hair wefts. These are long sections of hair that you simply clip in under a layer of your hair. Adding a pop of colour, or some additional volume to your hair.

If you'd prefer to try a change of a look with a wig, you can find these available in a wide variety of styles from a selection of alternative retailers.

Wigs on stands : Guide to fake hair

It's easier than you think to wear an alternative wig. Simply tie your hair back and place a wig cap over your hair, placing the wig on top to finish the look off. For lace front wigs, these require a bit more effort.

Lace front wigs create the illusion of a natural hairline, so these can be styled away from the face compared to a regular wig. You can trim the sheer lace material at the front of the wig to fit your own hairline, creating a natural look. Then glue it in place, and blend into your look.

You can find a variety of styles, colours, and types of wigs to try out a new look. Sites like Lush Wigs have a great selection of wigs to shop from. Annabelle's Wigs are also worth a visit for their vast range of hair extensions.

Change your look at the hair salon.

For more a high maintenance look when it comes to alternative fake hair, why not try synthetic hair extensions. Compared to clip in extensions, these are installed by a professional at the hair salon, and come in a variety of styles, tones, and types.

Whilst traditionally, hair extensions are used to add length and thicken your hair, when it comes to more alternative looks, these can be bold, vibrant, and colourful, creating an entirely new look.

Hair extensions being installed in salon : Guide to fake hair

But it doesn't stop there, you can also find other types of fake hair which can be installed, such as dreadlocks. These often tend to be synthetic dreadlocks, compared to more traditional dreadlocks. They're made from synthetic fibres, creating a variety of looks.

These are installed by a professional, either a mobile hairdresser who can install them at home, or at the hair salon. They tend to be braided into your natural hair, creating an entirely new look.

Once installed, synthetic dreadlocks can last for months. Simply maintain them to prolong your look - we recommend using dry shampoo to help your look last longer.

You can find a list of professionals offering hair extension services around the UK on our directory site, who can help to create a new style for you.

Other types of alternative fake hair.

It doesn't just stop at synthetic hair extensions and wigs, you can also make a quick change to your style through the use of hair falls, such as cyberlox.

These are often attached to elastic or ribbon ties to wear over your hair style, such as a ponytail or bunches. The best, and most effective way to wear these, is to tie your bunches or ponytail as high up as possible, allowing the falls to hang over and cover up your natural hair.

Cyberlox hair falls : Guide to alternative fake hair

Hair falls can come in a variety of styles, from more synthetic hair, to wool and dreadlocks hair falls, and even cyberlox for a cyber goth look.

You can find a great selection of falls at sites like Cyberlox Shop and Miss Needles for an attention grabbing look.

There's really no limit to the looks that you can achieve with alternative fake hair. It's a great way to update your style in an instant, and even allows you to have a more creative look when at times you may not be able to at your workplace.

Why not take a look around our directory site to find some great alternative sites selling fake hair, where you can also find alternative hair extension services near you. Now you just need to decide on your latest hair style!

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