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Protecting yourself : Our guide to alternative face masks.

Things are very uncertain right now, but there's at least one thing that we can all do to help protect ourselves - wear a face mask. Whilst fabric masks have long been a part of alternative fashion - from cyber goths, to fetish fashion, now we're wearing them to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Woman wearing a face mask : Alternative masks

Whilst fabric masks won't protect you to the extent of a medical grade mask, they can still help. Whether it's a D.I.Y home-made mask, or a store bought one. We've put together some helpful resources so you can choose to wear a fabric mask however you prefer, and help an alternative business at the same time!

Sew your own.

Got some cotton fabric to hand? Why not try making your own face mask. These tend to be made from two layers of fabric* sewn together. So firstly, make sure that you can breathe comfortably through the fabric. *As per new WHO guidelines, we would recommend using three layers of fabric for masks.

Fabric chosen, next you'll need a tutorial to craft your mask. Why not try this tutorial from Little Stitch Studio Norfolk – with options for elastic or ties to wear. Editorial note: I've tried this pattern myself for a couple of masks and found it really helpful!

Alternatively, follow this video tutorial by Koolies Kreations, on their Instagram feed. This should help to visualise how the masks are constructed, and help with sewing your own.

Woman wearing a face mask : Alternative fabric masks

Alternative face masks.

Prefer to buy a mask instead of trying to make your own? We've found some alternative businesses making a wide range of fabric face masks that will help protect you, whilst also supporting an independent business!

With some businesses offering a variety of styles to choose from, including the likes of The Gothic Shop, Gobbolino, Get Cutie, and Silly Old Sea Dog, who also sell a handy kit to make your own mask.

Other alternative businesses and designers to visit for a selection of fabric face masks include, The Last Kult, Technodolly, Miss Fortune, Velvet Jones Burlesque, and Koolies Kreations. Alongside Spiral Direct, and Attitude Clothing.

Other alternatives.

If you prefer to utilize something that you already have to hand in your wardrobe, you can use fabric scarves, snoods, or bandanas as a face covering. Just ensure that they cover your nose and mouth safely, and that you can breathe easily through the fabric.

Whatever you prefer to wear, you can find plenty of options for fabric face masks. Whilst, we can't stress enough that these aren't medical grade, they will at least help to protect yourself and others by wearing them.

Image credits: mikoto.raw from Pexels