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The ultimate guide to gothic menswear

Looking for something unique for your alternative wardrobe? There's a world of alternative mens clothing out there for you to sample, and you don't have to be restricted to black t-shirts and baggy camo's either. As we delve into the world of gothic menswear, and discover where you can find mens gothic clothing in the UK.

Mens gothic top and jeans : Gothic mens clothing uk

You really can't go wrong by starting off at a website that can tick all the boxes. Whether it's shirts, boots, or even jeans that your looking for. You'll be able to find an abundance of gothic mens clothing to shop from at e-tailers like Attitude Clothing, Kates Clothing, and The Gothic Shop.

From there it's all down to personal preference on your gothic style. Do you prefer a touch of steampunk compared to a more metal approach at gothic fashion, or do you prefer to dabble in a more romantic gothic look. Whatever your style, we've hand picked a few favourites to shop from.

If it's chains, studs, zombies and grim reapers that you prefer you may want to pay a visit to the likes of Darkside, Dr Faust, and Spiral direct. Who have a wide range of graphic t-shirts, studded trousers and accessories to choose from.

If you prefer to look like the elegant Victorian gentleman then fret not you'll find some creative gothic designers out there who are more than worth a look.

The Dark Angel Design Co have been designing gothic clothing for decades, and can kit you out with a complete wardrobe that's perfectly fitting for any gent. Other designers and companies you may want to visit include, Pimpernel clothing, & Obsidian Gothic.

Mens gothic jacket : Gothic menswear uk

Or maybe you'd prefer something a little shinier... for men's club wear and fetish wear you can find a range of latex wear at Cathouse clothing, alongside designers like Jed Phoenix of London, & Rose Noir Designs.

But it's doesn't stop there of course, you can find more gothic mens clothing in the UK at websites like Killstar, Angel Clothing, and Dark Fashion Clothing. All offering a broad range of gothic menswear that you may be more familiar with.

Why not check out our handy directory site where you can find even more e-tailers selling mens gothic clothing in the UK. You really will be spoilt for choice!

Editorial note: This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Images: Queen of Darkness & The dark angel.