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Gorgeous gothic couture by Victorian Woman.

Why have any piece of alternative fashion when you could have a piece of gorgeous gothic couture for your wardrobe? Victorian Woman by Manuela Biocca is all about gorgeous gothic, Victorian inspired, French chic, an alternative atelier that certainly stands out above the crowd.

Victorian woman clothing : Alternative clothing brand

It certainly takes something different to stand out from others and the designs under the Victorian Woman label certainly do that. Unique, handmade, limited edition attire, that oozes alternative glamour, with pieces that you could imagine adorning the finest of Victorian ladies. The historical influences are certainly there, and why not take a pinch of inspiration from one of the most romantic era's in history.

A collection that's bustling (if you'll pardon the pun!) with plenty of eye catching designs, from exquisitely hand crafted corsetry to gorgeous skirts, crinolines, spats, hats and jewellery; everything that the modern Victorian lady would need to adorn!

Victorian woman clothing : Gothic fashion

The hand crafted details add a personal touch to each and every piece, and this can certainly be seen in the latest Steampunk collection.

Taking a pinch of inspiration from the fantastic world of Steampunk with it's Victorian splendor mixed with machinery and technology. The notes of inspiration make their mark across the collection, with elegant evening bags adorned with cog work detailing, gorgeous high necked collars adorned with clocks, and corsets in rust and bronze shades adorned with lace, gemstones and chains. It's certainly steampunk, but as you've never seen before.

A label that's wonderfully unique and inspiring, each item is hand crafted using luxury fabrics, embellishments and even natural gemstones to add those extra little touches to each piece. You can even find out more about the extra additions to the collections over on the Victorian Woman blog adding an extra story to each item.

So why not indulge yourself with a delightful handmade piece of gothic couture for your wardrobe, The Steampunk collection is available to order now on the website alongside the full collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories at

Photographer: Jean-François Romero | Model: Anaïs Bravo.