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Go green with House of Bats new collection.

Sink your claws into some darkly alternative designs, as House of Bats unveil their latest range with a collection of bewitching designs that bring a new twist to their range of jewellery.

House of Bats : Triquetra necklace

Inspired by symbols from witchcraft, the occult, and mysticism, shaping a collection of 35 new jewellery pieces, all in a classic shade of black. With designs ranging from the darkly Crow skull pentragram, to the magickal Triquetra, all available as necklaces, chokers, and earrings; to wear however you like.

House of Bats : Illuminati choker

There's more to this collection though than just a stylish new range of designs. With each design in the latest range being made from 100% recycled acrylic, showing that green is the new black!

House of Bats : Ankh necklace

It's not just this new range though that sees House of Bats taking a new green stance. Going forward, all of their jewellery designs will be made with recycled acrylic, as they look to reduce their environmental impact.

House of Bats : Crow Skull necklace

Certainly a great way to do your part for your environment, whilst also adding some darkly gothic style to your look.

Go green and shop the latest designs at, where you can also find their full range of jewellery, accessories, and homewares.

Image credits: Model/Photographer/MUA: Abbysynth