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Fashion corsets vs Steel boned corsets : What's the difference?

We love a good corset, who doesn't?! They're an iconic alternative fashion staple, adding an instant touch of glamour to any look. But when it comes to finding that perfect corset, just what do you go for, and what exactly is the difference between a traditional steel boned and a fashion corset? Well, fret not, we're here to help with our handy guide.

Gothic fashion corset : Guide to corsets

Whatever your reasons for wanting to adorn a corset, it certainly helps to know exactly what your looking for. There are so many different shapes and styles, from corset style tops, to waspies that it can almost feel like your negotiating an hourglass shaped maze. But there's a type to suit everyone, no matter your style or preference.

So what exactly is a steel boned corset?

This the most traditional corset type, sometimes referred to as 'fully boned corsets' or 'waist training corsets', but we'll get to that later. If it's the iconic hourglass shape that you're looking for, then you really can't go wrong with a steel boned corset.

This type of corset tends to be sturdier when compared to fashion corsets, and they come in a variety of styles and shapes. From the sweetheart style overbust corset, perfect for that Jessica Rabbit look, to the classic underbust corset, allowing you to cinch your waist in with ease.

Steel boned corsets tend to be sized in inches, compared to the standard dress sizing of fashion corsets. With this type of corset you'll want to measure your waist to determine your corset size and decrease it by a couple of inches, (i.e 26" if you measure 28") to get the perfect fit.

The traditional steel boned corset tends to be made with sturdy steel boning running around the corset in lengths to support your shape. Using either flat, or spiral boning to create that classic corset look.

Steel boned corset : Guide to corsets

This type of corset tends to fasten with a classic busk fitting at the front, alongside lacing at the back which can be adjusted to fit your shape, with a modesty panel at the back of the lacing completing the look.

If it's a truly dramatic change to your waist that you're after, then you'll want to invest in a waist training corset. Much like steel boned corsets these corsets are fully boned, designed with three layers of fabric, steel bones and waist tape to help reduce your waist.

These aren't fad 'diet corsets' though, they're intended to add a dramatic change to your figure, rather than helping you loose weight. Waist training corsets are specifically designed to help create that hourglass figure, but it does take time and patience to shape your waist, it's not an instant effect and it does need to done safely. For handy tips and advice on waist training, read this helpful post from Glamorous Corset.

How does a fashion corset compare?

Love the look of a traditional corset but prefer to wear something a little more comfortable? Then you'll want to wear a fashion corset. These corsets tend to be designed more for show than a fully boned corset, and can worn easily as part of your look.

Much like steel boned corsets, these can come in a variety of shapes and styles, from bodices to waspies and corset style tops. Perfect to wear over your favourite gothic dress or with jeans for a quick and easy alternative look.

Fashion corset : Steampunk style

Fashion corsets tend to be made from lightweight plastic boning that's flexible, that allows for comfort when worn, and they can sometimes even skip the boning all-together, opting for layered fabric strips instead to create the boning channel effect with ease.

Much like a traditional corset, fashion corsets can sometimes feature the classic busk style fastening at the front, but more often than not they tend to have a hook and eye, or even a zip style fastening instead. Sometimes, they can even be a simple slip on corset style top for an easy but effective look.

There's certainly plenty of corset styles to choose from, whether you fancy a gothic sweetheart steel boned corset, or a slinky latex fashion corset top. Now you just need to choose your favourite and try it out!

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Image credits: Toni Friedemann from Pexels | Danielle Pilon from Pexels