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End of year poll annoucement

We've decided that it's time to bring our End of year poll to a close, a lot has changed since we first launched our annual accolades for alternative businesses, and we feel that it's now time for a change.

End of year poll annoucement : Alt Fashion

It's been an amazing opportunity for us to award alternative talent in an industry where very little reward is often seen for all the hard work that goes into driving alternative fashion and culture, and we've been pleased to help award some amazing talent over the past decade that we've been running our End of year poll.

As a small, independent site, running our awards has often been a labour of love. We couldn't afford to host any actual award ceremonies, nor give our winners any glittering trophies, but we've been able to do what we could with our End of year poll. Actively promoting our winners every year on our site, helping to bring some new customers, and clients to our winners, as well as showcasing their amazing work.

Whilst we have enjoyed helping to award some outstanding alternative talent and creatives, we feel that it's now time to close the doors on our End of year poll. Of course, it's not the end of our continued work to help promote the very talent at the heart of the alternative fashion industry. We'll still continue to share the work of our past winners, as well as a whole heap of amazing alternative talent on our social media feeds.

It's been an amazing few years running our End of year poll, so of course we'd like to take the time to thank our past winners for getting involved with our poll, alongside you, our very readers, who nominated your favourites every year. It's been great to see some firm favourites, as well as new talent being nominated every year!

As we put our annual awards aside we'll be dedicating more time to working on our site, from discovering new alternative shops for our directory site, to sharing the latest finds and some amazing images from alternative businesses, creatives, and shops around the UK and beyond.

View past winners of our End of year poll as we say goodbye to our annual awards in our archives