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Dressing Like Poker Pros on TV

If you have ever watched poker program such as ESPN's World Series of Poker, you will notice that the days of top pros looking like they just came from a business meeting are going by the wayside. Instead, you are seeing more and more pros that come out with alternative styling. If you are a poker player in the UK and want to look like some of the modern day pros, here's a few things to add to your wardrobe.

poker clothing


While this seems like a weird thing to add to one's wardrobe, keep in mind that many casinos have to keep the temperatures very chill to keep the gaming machines from overheating. This makes it unbearable sometimes at the poker tables.

A great look would be a Spiral Death Angel Wrap Men's Hoody. The classic image of death is sure to either start up a conversation or intimidate. Those of you with a bit of geek in you may gravitate to Poizen Industries Heartless Soundwave Men's Hoody. Of course, you can go a more generic model and go for Urban Star's Blue Unisex Hoddy. This one is still killer and practical at the same time.


For those where the casino temps don't bother you, a stylish t-shirt will allow you to be comfortable at the tables.

Spiral's Goth Skull t-shirt is an awesome shirt that has a massive image of a skull menacingly staring down your opponent at all times.

Poker clothing

Also, don't underestimate using your shirt as a way to get into someone's head. The poker Barbie Lacey Jones and others know that your wardrobe plays a key role in how others perceive you. If you wear a flamboyant shirt that gives off the image that you are a wild player, you may be able to run over the table. A more subdued shirt may make your opponents think you only play strong hands, allowing you to bluff more.


As you may know, many players wear sunglasses to hide their eyes during a game to give off fewer tells. Some players like to make a fashion statement at the table much like Greg Raymer did when he won the 2004 WSOP Main Event.

If you want to have a little fun, pick up a pair of Lord Lucas Moustache sunglasses. This will certainly get a few laughs. Another fun pair is a pair of Robo Cop Wrap Around sunglasses. Yes, they really are called Robo Cop sunglasses. Regardless of the sunglasses you get, make sure that opponents will not be able to see through them.

The above tips are just a few ways that you can help yourself look like some of the poker pros you see on TV. Now when it comes to playing like the pros, you are on your own.