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Dress to impress with the new season range by Offend My Eyes.

When you really want to make a statement you can't go wrong with one of the stand out designs by alternative company, Offend My Eyes. Their bold signature pieces have certainly caught our attention, and with designs as outlandishly stylish as these you'll want to snap a piece or two from their latest range this season!

Offend my eyes new season collection : Alt Fashion

Offend My Eyes signature range of bold, brash and graphic prints go above and beyond, with designs that are certainly attention grabbing and wonderfully unique, as well as causing a bit of a stir with their delightfully offensive designs. What better way to leave a lasting impression!

Offend my eyes new season collection : Alternative clothing

They've gone even further with their latest range, featuring a brash selection of designs to suit any shape, size and gender, from striking shirts to jumpers and tees, available from sizes xxs – 4xl, so anyone can find a design that suits them perfectly.

Featuring a bold range of unique designs across their new season range, that make for the perfect pieces of wearable art across a range of styles, from octopus tees that will make you look twice, to wonderfully sweary and offensive tops, what better way to express yourself in style!

With a range that complements their signature selection of designs, you can adorn their latest pieces in style, whether you fancy a bold sweatshirt for those colder days or a subtly offensive corp goth shirt for the workplace, you'll just adore their latest range of designs.

Shop the full range, including their new season designs at

Images: Photographer: Empty Gaze | Models: Phexxie Bizarre & Oliver Sedgewick.