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Do it yourself : Take in some alternative fashion diy!

Whether your looking to take up a new craft, or simply looking to save by making some cheap alternative clothing yourself at home, there's never been a better time to take up some alternative fashion diy and try your hand at making your own clothing!

Alternative fashion d.i.y : Needle and thread

We love a spot of d.i.y fashion, it's something that's been at the heart of alternative fashion for decades. Can't find that perfect top that you've been after? Make it yourself! All you need is some time, occasionally a bit of patience and the right supplies to hand to create your own alternative attire.

To help you on your way to crafting some d.i.y alternative fashion, we've hand picked some handy sites to visit for plenty of tutorials, tips, and inspiration for your new crafting projects. You'll soon be sewing or gluing away at latex to your hearts content!

Find a new D.I.Y project

Whether you want to to spruce up some tired old heels into a pair of glamorous gothic shoes, or sew yourself a new handbag, you'll find plenty of tutorials to try out at Cut Out + Keep. It's not just fashion either, you can find inspiration for home crafted beauty and home ware projects too.

Discover latex fashion

If you prefer to craft something a little slinkier, why not try your hand at latex clothing. Making latex clothing is the perfect place to find tutorials and tips for making your own latex clothing & accessories. From start up guides for first time users, to step by step instructions for latex embellishments, and full tutorials for your own clothing.

Make some gothic clothing

Prefer something that's darkly gothic for your next project? Try Antimony and Lace. Whether your a novice to sewing, or you're looking to sink your claws into something new, they have some handy tutorials to try out. From pixie skirts, to circle cloaks, you'll be bound to find something you want to craft.

Craft some steampunk fashion

Rustle up some steampunk wares, with some handy tutorials by Steam Ingenious. Whether you want to sew your own bustle skirt, or give some old boots a Victorian makeover. You'll find plenty of tutorials to try out.

Woman sewing fabric : D.I.Y alternative fashion

Go for vintage style

If you'd prefer to create something with a mid century, vintage feel, you'll want to visit The vintage pattern files. A handy blog archiving vintage patterns, whilst also sharing some handy vintage tutorials too. From sewing, to knitting, you can find plenty to try out.

Whatever your style, you can find plenty of d.i.y alternative fashion inspiration. So why not get crafting and see what you can create!

Editorial note: This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Image credits: Suzy Hazelwood & cottonbro @ Pexels.