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Discover your creative side with Sugar Storm Studio

Creative studio, Sugar Storm Studio, invite you to empower your wild and weird side through creative content, DIY workshops and alternative fashion. As they celebrate everything from individuality, to self-expression, skill-sharing, and weirdness.

Sugar Storm Studio t-shirt being modelled : Alternative clothing

It's certainly been a strange time to be in business in 2020. When the coronavirus first hit the UK with many businesses grinding to a halt back in March, Sugar Storm Studio's founder Charlotte Hamilton suddenly found herself with some unexpected free time. So she took the opportunity to go right back to basics and restructure the business, while at the same time designing and creating a whole new product collection that is bigger and better than ever.

Sugar Storm Studio t-shirt being modelled : Alternative clothing brand

"I leant on my creativity at a time where things were really hard and I was struggling with my mental health and the collective struggles of the world. The redevelopment of Sugar Storm Studio gave structure to my days when the things I relied on were removed, and giving myself total freedom to create just for fun with no pressure of deadlines or perfection was so important to getting me through that time. The result is a practically new business that I’m so proud of, and a collection of products that became a true celebration of self by me exploring my own loves and passions, and combining that with empowering messages and spooky illustrations. I hope that creativity comes through the collection and will inspire and empower my audience to embrace their own individuality and creativity and express themselves in the ways they love." says Sugar Storm Studio Founder, Charlotte Hamilton.

It's certainly led to some creative new ideas and designs, with both new and reborn collections being released by Sugar Storm Studio. Giving previous collections a new lease of life with The Comeback Collection. A selection of products from previous Sugar Storm Studio collections to celebrate the original brand ethos - ‘stay wild, stay weird’.

T-shirt by Sugar Storm Studio being modelled : Alternative fashion

With best-selling designs being upgraded to their new super-soft organic t-shirts, and paired with their original hand-crafted jewellery collection. Alongside The Originals, a new range that's an unapologetic celebration of being truly yourself, and having a good time while doing it.

Shaping the new range with environmentally conscious alternative fashion and accessories featuring original illustrations to share your spooky, weird and wild side.

Both collections are available from October 23rd when Sugar Storm Studio returns with their alternative fashion collections. Why not visit, where you can out more about their creative studio, workshops and designs.

Images c/o Sugar Storm Studios