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The ultimate guide to cyber and fetish menswear

Continuing our look at alternative menswear, taking you beyond the wardrobe of mere basic staples and plain black tee's, we take a look at those essential cyber and fetish pieces for your wardrobe.

Cyber mens jacket : Alternative fashion

For alternative clubwear that certainly stands out you can't beat cyber and fetish inspired clothing, striking latex wear and vibrant neon attire will certainly ensure that you stand out. We've taken a look at some must visit designers and companies catering for cyber and fetish menswear here in the UK, lets take a peek shall we?

If you want to be certain that friends can find you easily across a paced dancefloor you really can't beat bright, neon cyber wears. The likes of Cyberdog and Couch have been providing you with striking alt clubwear for many a year, couch's uv printed t-shirts will certainly get you noticed. Cyberdog are still releasing striking cyber wares even after all these years, whether you prefer light up t-shirts, futuristic jackets or armoured tops you'll find something that takes your fancy.

Fetish menswear : Alt Fashion

You'll also find a great selection of cyber wears at Lovebomb, Spank and Drac in a box, the later of which carries some rare discontinued items by Dane and Automaton.

Prefer something with a little bit of a squeak to it? These days fetish menswear has expanded so much more than a few years ago with more designers turning their hands to mens latex wear so you can be certain to find something that catches your eye. RBRDUK have been leading the way with a stand out range of mens latex wear from trousers to vests and tops alongside D Vote who have a rather vast selection to choose from.

You'll also want to visit the likes of Freak clubwear (now Bondatrix), Phaze and Honour who do non latex clothing if you prefer something a little different.

You can of course find an even wider range of cyber and fetish menswear sites to tickle your fancy over at our extensive alternative directory.

Images: Cyberdog & Freak clubwear