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Crazy Lenses review

Whether you want to change your eye colour, or opt for a striking look it's never been easier to get hold of the perfect contact lenses to create that look. Crazy Lenses stock a wide range of contact lenses in every style and shade imaginable, whether you want to go for manga inspired doll eyes, bold UV or even spider web patterned lenses.

Crazy Lenses : White out contacts

You'll certainly be spoilt for choice when you look through their web store, with every style imaginable in store in easy to find categories.

We tried out some of their Big Eye Dolly lenses, but rather than getting a long time contact lense wearer on the team to try them, we got a novice wearer to give them a go for a truly unbiased option on how they fit, wear & look. So how did they get on?

We tried out their Violet & Green Big Eye Dolly lenses, in their containers they certainly look striking, once out of their containers they're rather flexible as you'd expect with a prescription lense, very easy to hold and use. For me as a novice wearer it had certainly been a long time since I'd applied contacts so part of the fun was simply getting my eyes to stay open long enough to get each lense on and in place, but more regular users should find this part a doddle.

Once in they settled straight away, the contrast in style was outstanding and certainly very striking. The effect certainly stands out and gives you that manga look rather easily, these would be great to use whilst cosplaying!

They're certainly light and once my eyes had settled they were extremely comfortable to wear, they sat around the pupil perfectly.

Crazy Lenses : Big Eye Dolly contacts

I kept my pair on for a few hours without any discomfort, they certainly create the desired effect easily and were incredibly easy to use.

If like me your a bit of a novice, or entirely new to contact lenses I'd recommend setting aside plenty of time to set yourself up. Remember to soak the lenses for a couple of hours in solution prior to applying them, a contact lense case is recommended for this and a great way to store them after your first use. Most importantly take your time when applying your lenses, for new users the first few times will be a case of hit & miss (literally, I applied the lenses more to my fingers for the first few goes!) but keeping calm, applying in front of a well lit mirror and a steady hand will help.

Once in keep them in for short periods, if it's your first time you will blink like mad at first as your eye adjusts to what's essentially a foreign object placed on your eye, but this should settle down after a few minutes. My first few times I kept mine in for 30 minutes to an hour at most so it's certainly recommended to try these on prior to that big night out if you intend to wear these for an event just to get your eyes used to them.

But once you have got used to them you'll be able to wear them as often as you please. With all lenses check the packaging to see the life span of your lenses, these usually vary from 6 months to a year, so be sure to keep check on how long you can use your lenses for.

Fashion contacts are a great way to change your eye colour and appearance, whether you've always fancied violet eyes or fancy turning yourself into a zombie for the night. You can find a wide range of contact lenses at Crazy Lenses to suit whatever style takes your fancy, alongside essential accessories to look after your lenses from solution to cases. Why not take a look for yourself at