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Candy-rock Couture

Cheetah prints clash off of day glo tutu's, sequins, trashy prints & studs. All part of Candy-Rock Couture's diy label of custom clothing.

Candy-rock couture : Alternative clothing

"Candy-Rock Couture" is a one woman, hand-made custom clothing line with designs that are equal parts punk rock power and fairy tale girlishness designed and created by Harmony Corbett, out of a need for a new look in the punk and street-wear scene that she wanted to wear.

The custom look certainly stands out with one of a kind designs taking a mish mash of alternative styles to create something unique.

Candy-rock couture : Alternative fashion

Certainly taking influence from the vast array of alternative cultures and blending them together for a look that screams punk rock meets barbie on acid.

Taking inspiration from candy, rock, rap, color, new york street, love, the 80's and underground style to create her designs for Candy-Rock Couture. Diy style certainly doesn't seem to shying away from the alternative scene any time soon..

If you like your clothing to grab attention & reflect your personality just as much as your day glo hair then you'll certainly find something that take's your fancy amongst their designs.

Candy-Rock Couture is currently avaliable online via their webstore, & U.S readers can also find their designs coming soon to "Gothic Renaissance" 108 4th Avenue, New York, NY 10003.

Shop their collection online for yourself & find your favourite pieces at