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Buy alternative & independent this Christmas.

Why should the big boy's of the industry get all the money this Christmas? Swap those big shops, for smaller independent and alternative shops as you look for the perfect present this year. From gorgeous gothic wares, to kitsch gifts, and sweet indie finds, there's an abundance of treats for any budget on the alternative high street this Christmas.

Alternative shopping

As the nation gears up for Small business Saturday this December 6th, we're turning towards the alternative and independent shops, virtual, or otherwise, to shop at this festive season and beyond. Why buy the same, mass produced items as everyone else, when you could snap up some hand crafted jewellery, or accessories for a present this Christmas.

Besides, when the world of alternative fashion has much more exciting finds than you'll snap up in any high street department store, it certainly pays to shop independently. There's something much more exciting about snapping up a hand crafted gothic candle, or hand made rockabilly cushions to give as a gift, than another gift set of bubble bath.

Why not take to the alternative high street and pick up some unique, individual finds from your local alternative shop, or favourite web store this Christmas, not just for Small business Saturday, but any day of the festive season. You may even discover a new favourite to add to your list of alternative shops, as you browse for some truly unique, independent gifts.

Gothic christmas tree : Alt Fashion

Whether you want to take to the high street, or shop online, you'll find plenty of inspiration to get you started at our directory site, with hundreds of UK alternative shops listed to browse. You could even take to virtual marketplaces like Etsy, and I Am Attitude, to shop directly from alternative designers for some truly unique gifts, and inspiration.

So, why not ditch the big chain shops and shop independent this Christmas, you'll be surprised at what you can find, and you'll be helping to support alternative businesses and designers as you shop, surely that's worth the warm, fuzzy, glow as you purr over some gorgeous new finds!

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