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Body Jewellery Shop

When it comes to body jewellery you needn't look any further than the Body jewellery shop. A treasure trove of piercings, accessories & all the essentials you'll ever need; whether it's for your first piercing, or some stretching gear that you need.

Body jewellery shop

Body jewellery shop have been selling piercing supplies for years, and you can see why they're at the forefront of the industry. With a wide selection of piercings by style, place, & material available on their web shop so when it comes to stretching those lobes you certainly are spoilt for choice.

They have a wonderfully wide selection of stretching gear whether your just starting up and in need of some tapes and crescents to help you along the way, or you've reached your target size and you want to dress those lobes up with some plugs, you'll find plenty in store to suit your needs.

Their range of stretching gear is certainly impressive, lets start by taking a look at their range of tunnels and plugs for those of you who are already on the way to stretching those lobes. Whether you fancy something in a surgical steel or titanium, to silicone and resin, there's plenty of styles to choose from. Is your style more industrial than tribal? You'll just love their titanium tunnels and plugs in classic styles to spider web and twirl designs. Prefer something a little more natural? They have a great selection of wood and horn plugs and spirals to adorn, and for those whose taste is more tattoo driven they have a great range of Ikon plugs in store.

For the more novice wearer you'll find everything you need to get started, with insertion pins to help ease your lobes up each size and crescent starter kits to help you on your way, if you've never stretched your lobes before your in luck as there's plenty of supplies to help you along. The body jewellery shop blog also has plenty of handy tips and advice to help you along your way.

Body jewellery shop : Fake piercings

By starting with the correct tools you can help ensure that those lobes don't suffer from blow outs or tears and you'll find some great natural plugs, tapers and spirals to help heal your stretched lobes along the way as you go up each size and of course once you've reached your target gauge you'll find plenty of tunnels and plugs to choose from to adorn your ears.

And for those who sadly can't go for a stretched lobe due to workplace rules and restrictions on appearance you can always cheat a little... you can find a great range of fake stretching jewellery to create the perfect look. You can wear earrings that give the appearance of a flesh plug without actually stretching your lobes, with a vast range of faux plugs and tapers to choose from you can create the perfect illusion. We particularly like their faux Ikon plugs which carry the same range of designs as the real plugs, their fake claws are also remarkably impressive. It's a great way to create the look of stretched lobes without fear of getting fired from the day job.

Whatever your piercing needs you'll find them in store; and with a range of contact lenses, cosmetics, & jewellery in store too you'll find plenty to tempt. Body Jewellery shop also offer free UK & worldwide shipping with orders over £10, what better excuse to stock up!

Shop online at Body Jewellery shop for all these items & much more.