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Black swan fever.

Article: Carey Armstrong

Style inspiration can be found in many places, and the movies are no exception, full of dramatic, opulent costumes and designs.

Black Swan is just a dressing up box waiting to be opened, with a dark and edgy, yet ethereal theme, echoed on the recent 2011 Couture catwalks. This look encapsulates everything I love about fashion; gothic, romantic and feminine, yet with the ability to be edgy, sexy and bold.

Freyagushi : Alternative clothing

You can take this look and own it, it is a style that is easy to manipulate and mould to your desire, and that's what makes it exciting. Fashion should always maintain an element of fantasy, and that's what this outfit is all about. This should be an outfit that gives you the urge to swish around!

Lace and tulle

A tutu is the basis for this style the key feminine and romantic element to the outfit. Think about what length skirt suits you best, and how poofy you want to go!

Freyagushi make a beautiful tutu that can be custom ordered in the colours and materials that you want, for around £90.

Build the rest of your outfit around the tutu by choosing items in contrasting colours that will compliment the skirt for example if your skirt is black, choose pewter shoes and a light grey top.

Mix it up

Style is all about personality add a unique twist to this outfit to make it original. Toughen up the look with a leather gilet to add effortless cool.

Black swan outfit : Dark gothic fashion

A contrast in light and heavy materials is an easy way of bringing edginess to any outfit, and it's a great way of taking really feminine dresses and making them worthy of a rock goddess.

The way a tutu flares out at the waist means that a corset is the perfect match, pulling you in sharply and combining with the tutu to accentuate your curves. Different looks can be achieved easily with the use of different textures, from lace to leather and latex! Wear a corset in matching colours and materials to turn this outfit into a show stopping gown.

Finishing Touches

Ballet shoes are an obvious choice for daytime wear for this look, and there are so many in shops right now you are spoilt for choice; from metallics and patent leathers to Iron Fist's glittering skulls and zombies!

For evening, replace them with sky high platform pumps to elongate your legs and make a dramatic entrance wherever you go.

A metallic alice band or small fascinator is the finishing touch for daytime, but for night time why not take it a step further and have giant birdsnest backcombed hair, with macabre decor for that fresh out of the nuthouse fairy look!

Amore de Mori make beautiful fascinators that can be custom made to your specifications, with decorations including crystal encrusted real animal skulls.

Change the colour palette of this look if you want to be the white swan instead think white satin, lace, tulle, crystals but it's always more fun to be the baddie, isn't it?