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Guide to fake hair

Our guide to fake hair : everything from hair extensions, to wigs.

Why spend hours bleaching and teasing your hair, when you could turn to some colourful fake hair for your latest look instead! Check out our handy guide to alternative fake hair here.

Guide to alternative hair dye brands

Paint your hair in a rainbow of colours : Our guide to alternative hair dyes.

These days, we really are spoilt for choice when it's come to your latest hair colour. With more hair dye brands to choose from than ever before it's often hard to know where to start when your choosing your latest shade. more >>>

Alternative hair colour care products

Alternative beauty : Making the most of life in lockdown.

Whilst we're all indoors during lockdown you'd think that would put a slowdown on things when it comes to alternative beauty, think again. The industry has seen a boom more >>>

Tips to dye your hair at home

8 life hacks for dyeing your hair at home

Most of us are seasoned pro's at dyeing our hair, but for some, the current pandemic may mean that you're currently faced with the ultimate dilemma; Do I dye my hair myself? more >>>

Alternative hair colour care to help maintain those freshly dyed locks.

We've all often wondered how we can help maintain our hair colour, especially when you've just dyed your hair a bold new shade. So, how can you help to prolong your more >>>

How to maintain those luscious, freshly dyed locks : handy life hacks to keep your hair dye from fading.

There's nothing worse than your freshly dyed hair fading after just a few washes – we've all been there right?! more >>>

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Manic Panic" : Our guide to alternative cosmetics.

Sure, it may be easier than ever before to find a blue shade of lipstick, but when it comes to truly bold, more >>>

Perfect that pout this valentines.

Whether your looking for a sultry dark gothic shade of red, or something with a touch of classic Hollywood glamour more >>>

Sparkle with Barry M's latest launches.

Go for a glittering look and add a touch of sparkle to your make up with Barry M's latest additions to their more >>>

Brew up a storm in the tub with these amazing alternative cosmetics.

Your alternative cosmetics stash doesn't have to stop at make up and hair dye, when you can fill your home more >>>

Go metallic with Barry M this summer.

Sprinkle yourself in a sparkling cloud of glitter this summer, as Barry M unveil more sparkling, shimmering, more >>>

Sprinkle yourself in glitter : Our alternative picks for the festive season.

You don't really need an excuse to sprinkle on a bucket full of glitter, but what better reason to stock up on some more >>>

Paint it black with Barry M's Gothic Glam collection.

There's nothing we adore more than a sultry dark palette of shades - why wear anything else! more >>>

Apply that glitter with ease thanks to Barry M's new Glitter Fixer!

We love our glitter, whether it's a flick of sparkly glitter liner, or a sprinkling of the shimmery stuff, but just how do you more >>>

An amazing burst of colour : Sugarpill's Pretty Poison lipsticks land in the UK.

Dear reader, you'll want to make space in your handbag for this latest find, as Sugarpill's Pretty Poison lipsticks more >>>

Alternative cosmetics

Sweetly scented : Bewitching alternative cosmetics for the bathroom and beyond.

There's so much more to the world of alternative fashion than just clothing and accessories, fill your home with a bewitching concoction of alternative lotions, potions and scents that are just as unique as you are, and sweetly scented more >>>

Pale gothic foundation : Gothic Beauty

Beautifully pale foundations for the perfect gothic pallor.

Just because your beautifully deathly pale, that doesn't mean that you have to settle for a chalky white foundation to help maintain your gothic pallor. more >>>

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette

Get the perfect vintage makeover with PinUp's hair and make up salon.

Bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to Glasgow, PinUp's hair and make up salon provides a touch of classic glamour, without the hassle of sleeping in those pin curls more >>>

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette

Brace yourselves, as we take a peek at Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay palette.

We told you that you wouldn't have to wait too long, as have finally unveiled one of the most more >>>

Urban Decay teams up with Gwen Stefani for their latest collection.

We can only think why haven't they done this before?! Gwen Stefani's unique sense of style is perfectly more >>>

Stand out with a rainbow of alternative colours : alt friendly lipstick shades.

We LOVE bold, bright and beautifully alternative shades when it comes to lipstick, why should you stick to a staple more >>>

A colourful world of beautiful cosmetics with Fairypants.

Being colourful doesn't have to mean skimping on your ethics, we just love discovering new vegan cosmetics more >>>

Who needs Loreal, I've got Manic Panic! A guide to alternative cosmetics.

Whilst some cosmetics companies may be embracing a more darker palette of shades, you still can't beat more >>>

Alt Fashion's guide to fashion contact lenses.

This Halloween no doubt you'll be turning towards a pair of fashion lenses to complete your look more >>>

MAC unveils it's most eagerly antici....pated collection yet, the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.

It's a match made in heaven, MAC, purveyors of gorgeous, richly pigmented, bold and brash cosmetics more >>>

John Frieda review

When it comes to hair we certainly put ours through a lot, if we're not dyeing it we're tugging at it with rollers more >>>

Dye it : a guide to alternative hair dye brands

Nowadays your spoilt for choice when it comes to colourful hair dye, no longer are you torn between two brands more >>>

Crazy Lenses review

Whether you want to change your eye colour, or opt for a striking look it's never been easier to get hold more >>>


When it comes to choosing an alternative style for your hair you certainly won't want to shy away with more >>>


Illamasqua only a year old have fast become the favourite in alternative high end cosmetics. more >>>

A guide to Alternative hair dyes

One thing we adore here at Alt fashion is the plethora of alternative dyes available on the market today. more >>>>