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"Blood & dishonour" Nigel Wingrove

Blood & dishonour is a coffee table book with a huge difference; a book showcasing the members of the Satantic sluts. A collective of sorts, an elite internet group consisting of 666 of the world's most creative & original women.

Blood and Dishonour book

Blood & dishonour brings together some of the current order of Satantic sluts in a rare and unique series of images and personal statements; showing an intimate portrait of each member.

From the foremost beginnings of the collective and it's association with the macabre, horror & artistic side of the alternative scene, through to it's humble beginning's and ties with the alternative music scene.

Blood and dishonour contains a selection of Satantic sluts from all over the world and with a large portion of UK members in the mix.

Blood and Dishonour book

Showing a stunning mix of imagery from glamourous, artistic, macabre, gore & fashion, with intimate and enthralling profiles into each member; sharing their views on everything from relationships, sex, religion and politics.

Blood and Dishonour book

A smorgasbord of gorgeous portraits tied in with artistic and creative images. Not to be taken with a pinch of salt but most certainly with a broad and open mind as well as an appreciation for artistic photography.

With too many bandwagon jumping collectives and art porn sites today, Satantic sluts are truely in a league of their own and Blood & dishonour shows just that. From the beginnings of the collective to the members at the time of print.

Whether your interests are in the fetish, dark gothic imagery, artistic or pin-up, there is an area bound to please in this book.

Blood & dishonour is available now directly from Salvation films, Amazon & other retailers.

Images c/o: Salvation group