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Angel Vs Devil Jewellery

Angel Vs Devil jewellery create a stunning range of jewellery with a twist on traditional angelic imagery, teamed up with slightly devilish gothic notes.

Angel Vs Devil Jewellery

With a collection of intricate detailed pieces, combining angelic winged imagery with slightly more devilish tones of skulls. You can choose to play towards your more angelic, or devilish side with the collection; or combine the two with devilishly angelic pieces.

The range of jewellery features a mixture of simple elegant pieces, and intricate chunky pieces. With gorgeous layered full on winged necklaces, that cover all featuring multiple layers up on layers to create a truly extravagant look. To stunning charm bracelets with a selection of wings and czech glass beads that sparkle.

With notes of gothic elegance, alternative style, & tribal imagery featuring amongst the collection.

Angel Vs Devil

The collection is made of silver plated pieces, and czech glass beads which bring out each individual piece. The full range of jewellery can be found online, with a folksy shop open & an online shop open.

You can also find Angel V's Devil stocked at numerous shops in the North West, including Strawberri peach in Afflecks.

To shop online visit or the Folksy shop