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An eerily beautiful new collection by ARCANIQUE

Imagine a piece of hand crafted jewellery that could have been plucked right off the screen in a cult film. New jewellery brand, ARCANIQUE, has created a collection that's inspired by the fantastical world of sci-fi, married with classic art styles, that makes for a rather striking and beautiful collection.

ARCANIQUE : Alternative jewellery

Otherworldly, intricately designed pieces that make for wearable art, with a collection of jewellery that's mesmerizing, with intriguing patterns, and forms, shaped into wonderful pieces of jewellery.

Born out of a love affair between the old, and new, ARCANIQUE's first collection is inspired by a mix of the art nouveau, ancient Egypt, Giger, and Game of Thrones, making for a unique, and very visual collection of jewellery.

Founded by artist Brooke Dibble, whose previous work includes concept design for Doctor Who, the pieces certainly have their roots in sci-fi and fantasy.

ARCANIQUE : Designer alternative jewellery

Each piece is made by harnessing a symbiosis of the latest in 3D design technology and traditional jeweller's techniques, and is then carefully hand finished to perfection.

Perfectly timed with it's recent Halloween launch, showcasing the first two pieces of the collection, with the striking Carnos Cornoatus necklace & Spicatus ring. If the rest of the pieces are as intricate, and beautifully designed as these, then we just can't wait to see the next three pieces due to be unveiled before Christmas.

The first two designs can be found at, where you'll be able to see the future designs as they're unveiled.