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Amazing alternative swimwear by Amulet Bikinis.

Who says that swimwear needs to be drab and boring, thanks to Australian swimwear company, Amulet Bikinis, the world of swimwear has become much more colourful and creative, so you can adorn some amazing designs on the beach this summer.

alternative swimwear by amulet bikinis

Here in the UK the thought of summer may seem like months away, but you can look forward to weeks spent lounging on the beach thanks to the beautiful designs of Amulet Bikinis. What better to adorn whether your relaxing on distant shores, or breaking out the fire poi on a long summer evening.

The creation of artist and designer, Izzy Ivy, Amulet Bikini's fuses oil on canvas artworks with bikini designs, creating an amazing range of bikini's for women of all shapes and sizes. With each design adorned by hand with crystals and chains by Izzy herself, and ethically stitched in Bali, resulting in a unique and beautifully creative range of designs.

alternative swimwear by amulet bikinis

You may recognise Izzy's work from her previous company, Zizzyfay, Izzy's taken on her creative artwork to make her unique range of bikinis, intending to create bikinis that were not just for swimming, but summer events, making for a stunning range that you can adorn on the beach, as well as at a summer festival.

With a range that takes on Izzy's striking art work, you can choose from the art print, to the shape of the bikini at Amulet Bikinis, with design's that you'll want to adorn throughout the coming summer months.

Whether you want something different for your summer vacation, or something for festival season, you'll find the full range of stunning designs at