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How to maintain your latest alternative hair colour.

Alternative hair colour care products to help maintain your freshly dyed locks.

We've all often wondered how we can help maintain our hair colour, especially when you've just dyed your hair a bold new shade. Just how can you help to prolong your latest hair colour? Thankfully, some help is to hand, with our handy guide to alternative hair colour care products - just what you need to help keep your hair that bold shade of purple!

Colourful hair care products : Crazy Color Rainbow Care conditioner

We've all got those alternative hair care tips to help prolong your hair colour, but we all need an extra helping hand to maintain our latest shade. Luckily, some of our favourite alternative hair dye brands have created the perfect products to help you out. From specially formulated shampoos, to conditioners, all designed to keep your latest shade looking as vibrant as ever.

Colourful hair care : Directions Pre Colour Shampoo

Pre care before you colour.

Start off with some pre care before you even start bleaching and dyeing your hair. Try La Riche Directions Pre Colour Shampoo, it's perfect to treat your hair beforehand - we all need a bit of extra TLC when dyeing our hair, and this will certainly get you off to a great start.

Prior to bleaching, you may also want to invest in some of Crazy Color's No Yellow Shampoo. It's specially formulated to help banish yellow tones on bleached and pre-lightened hair - perfect to use after you've bleached your hair if you want to even that tone out prior to applying your hair dye.

Colourful hair care : Crazy Color No Yellow Shampoo

Aftercare for those colourful locks.

Now that you've dyed your hair, you'll want to help maintain your shade, and your hair with some colour protection products.

Whether it's a shampoo that's been formulated for your latest shade, or some much needed TLC for your locks. You can find plenty of alternative hair care products to help you out.

For a general all round colour care and protection, you can't beat La Riche Directions Colour Protect Shampoo, team it up with their Colour Protect Conditioner to help maintain your hair.

A top up with Crazy Color's Rainbow Care Conditioner can also help to maintain not just your latest shade, but hair strength and shine, for some much needed aftercare.

Colourful hair care : Directions colour care conditioner

If you'd prefer an aftercare product that's been specifically designed with your exact shade in mind, then you'll want to try one of Crazy Color's shampoos.

With vibrant blue, pink, purple, and red shampoo's, all designed to preserve the boldness of your shade by depositing a touch of pigment as you wash, and all without staining your hands too. What a great way to keep that tone going!

Some final words..

Of course, no hair shade is 100% fade proof, but with these handy products that have been formulated with alternative hair dyes in mind, you can help your latest colour along with ease.

Whatever your hair colour, you can help to maintain your hair with these handy hair colour care products. Find stockists online for these featured items and more on our handy directory site.