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Alt fashion's alternative guide to North London

We've already looked to the centre and the east of the city, now we take you to more familiar lands, to the Northern side of the city, home to Camden, where you'll certainly expect to find your fair share of alternative shops and entertainment.

Cyberdog camden : Alternative clothing in London

It's an area that's been associated with alternative 'cool' for decades, the landscape and shape of the city may have changed in the North of London in recent years, but you'll still find plenty to browse, shop and do.

Whilst the obvious first pit stop would be Camden, we don't want to rush you off you feet too soon, there's plenty of hidden alternative shops across the North of the city so we'll show you a couple of favourites that are worth visiting on the way in first...

Not too far out of the way, a good pit stop as any is Vivien of Holloway's shop on Holloway road, just a short walk up from the same named tube station, here you'll find plenty of gorgeous rockabilly frocks to adorn and try on.

Another notable pit stop that can easily be done if your travelling in from the north is Breathless on Phoenix road just outside of Kings cross station, for plenty of gorgeous squeaky latex fetishwear.

Darkside camden : Alternative fashion in London

Those two pit stops done, without having spent much time detouring there, you'll find the rest of the city's northern shops located in and around Camden, an area that's undergone many changes in the past few decades, even more so in the last few years, but it's still very much alternative at heart. Coming out of Camden town tube station you'll need to venture just a little further up to find the start of the area's alternative shops, if your visiting on a weekend be sure to visit the Electric ballroom for their infamous markets which are still going strong today.

Just a stones throw away from there is the first set of market stalls, these do tend to vary with every time we've visited but you'll still find a selection of alternative stalls there. Across the road you'll find Darkside, which has long been home to an abundance of gorgeous gothic wares, alongside Rokit if it's vintage that you prefer.

Further up just before the lock Scorpion shoes is always worth a visit for a vast selection of alternative footwear.

Camden stables market : Alternative clothing shops London

Then you'll be greeted by the infamous Camden Lock market, housed around and inside a picturesque building where you'll find an ever changing abundance of stalls to visit, from vintage to punk, and kawaii to gothic.

Then as you step out of the lock market you'll enter the stables, this area has changed quite drastically in the past few years with a new levelled stall area and food area alongside the usual stalls, take the time to wander around the many nooks and crannies, as you never know what you'll find! A few notable traders to visit here includes Collectif for rockabilly & vintage inspired wares; The black rose, which has changed hands since the original shop and now sells rockabilly wares and accessories (Update 2015 - The Black Rose has sadly closed it's doors in Camden); Underworld clothing for plenty of gothic attire; Spank and Cyberdog for gorgeous club wear, and Sai Sai for kawaii, gothic lolita wares.

Cookies and scream camden : Alternative clothing shops in London

There's plenty of shops to browse in the area so you certainly won't run out of things to do, but you'll need a good pit stop to stop off whilst your there! Why not try the infamous Cookies and scream for vegan and gluten free treats that are literally to die for, with a hardcore following including Sick of it all, Alkaline trio and Propagandhi you know this is the, 'pardon our french', good s***! - Update 2018 - Cookies & Scream's Camden shop has now closed, but you can find them at Holloway Road!

You'll also find nearby branches of The diner and Poppies alongside the usual flurry of food stands in the stables market.

For entertainment later in the day of course you'll find venues like the Electric ballroom, The underworld and The purple turtle holding regulars gigs and alternative club nights. If you fancy doing something different you could visit Brewdog for some wonderful craft beers, alongside The camden eye - Update 2018 - Camden Eye has now closed.

If it's a touch of cabaret that tickles your fancy, you'll be pleased to know that Proud cabaret is nearby in the stables market holding regular burlesque and cabaret nights.

There's certainly plenty to do in the North of the city, just take a wander around, you never know what you'll find!