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Alternative fashionista's are in for a treat next year at the V & A.

If you weren't already giddy with excitement at the news of the V & A's Alexander McQueen exhibition next year, then your really going to be spoilt with the latest announcement of their Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition next summer, it would seem that us alternative fashionista's are in for a right treat.

Alexander mcqueen suit : Gothic couture fashion

The V & A has already been teasing us online with snippets from the forthcoming Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty exhibition, set to be the only major retrospective in Europe to look at his astonishing work. His creative, and heavily alternative inspired designs helped to pave the way for many designers, in turn inspiring and captivating the world of alternative fashion with not just his daring designs, but his innovative and artistic catwalk shows.

Originally showcased at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Savage Beauty will be edited and expanded to be showcased beautifully in the V & A's vast exhibition galleries. With a selection of rare pieces from collectors, and the Isabelle Blow collection, it's a chance to get a first hand glimpse at his designs on show. With the show certainly set to wow, as the collaborative production company; Gainsbury and Whiting, who helped to bring his daring shows to life on the catwalk, will be lending a hand to create the perfect atmosphere for the exhibition.

It's certainly going to be a memorable exhibition, and one that we imagine the majority of our readers will be making a special journey to view. Set to open it's doors on March 14th running through until July 19th.

V and A shoes exhibition

Although, you may want to hold off visiting in the first couple of months to pay a visit to the forthcoming Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition which opens in the summer.

Undoubtedly, it's going to be a visual feast, and one that tackles fetishism with footwear as it looks at the agonising aspect of wearing shoes as well as the euphoria and obsession they can inspire. Besides, where's the fun in finding the perfect pair of shoes if you don't try on several hundred pairs just to find them..

Bringing together over 200 pairs of shoes from the historic, to the contempory, spanning international collections and private donations to showcase the perfect selection of footwear. With well known, and adored, designers on show that naturally includes some Louboutin and Jimmy Choo heels, alongside Historic lotus shoes made for bound feet.

Opening it's doors on June 13th, you could easily make a trip to view both exhibitions over the summer. Running through until January 31st 2016.

To find out more about both exhibitions, and to book tickets in advance; we suspect that the McQueen exhibition will be booked for quite some time, visit &

First image via V & A collections, Second image via Fashion Insight