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Alternative beauty : Making the most of life in lockdown.

Whilst we're all indoors during lockdown you'd think that would put a slowdown on things when it comes to alternative beauty, think again. The industry has seen a boom in the past few weeks, as we take to home hairdressing, diy manicures, and blissful bathtime meditation, we can't get enough of our favourite alternative beauty treats.

Manicured nails : Alternative beauty

What better way to boost your mood than with a homemade manicure, right?! As we swap the salon for our own stash of nail polish, some d.i.y nail care is certainly called for. There's been a surge in sales since lockdown began here in the UK, with an apparent increase of 24% in nail care products compared to this time last year.

But it's not just home-made manicures that are on the rise, some of us are turning to a spot of hairdressing. Since lockdown began there's been a surge in hair dye sales also. Mainstream hair colour brand Knight & Wilson - the company behind label Colour Freedom, have seen a 1200% increase in sales, with us all touching up our latest shade at home. The tag #quarantinehair has even been trending on TikTok, with over 395,000 views as we share the results of our latest hair dye touch up!

Lush bath bomb : Alternative beauty

Self-care is on the rise too, with high street purveyours of scented treats, Lush launching their Chilled Beats and Bath Art. An immersive bath time experience that offers viewers the oppourtunity to delve into a relaxing bath set to the soundscapes of their Lush spa. The video on their site certainly makes for a hypnotic experience!

Whether you want to transform your look, or your state of mind with a mezmerising bath, alternative self-care is certainly on the rise, and we can't get enough.

Whether you want to top up your latest shade, or immerse yourself with a relaxing soak, you can find a world of alternative beauty products to shop from online at our handy directory site.

Images: Lisa Fotios from Pexels | Fashion Insight