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About Alt Fashion

Alt fashion was launched back in 2006; the result of mammoth research, following what at the time was a lack of resources for alternative fashion within the UK. Frustrated with only finding results for alternative fashion sites in the U.S; a project was drafted up.

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The site launched in March 2006; covering alternative fashion of all sorts in the country, from regular news updates, as well as city features, & articles on alternative styles. It was the result of months of research, tottering around cities armed with a compact camera, and a few pleading emails to raid shops in the north; thus Alt fashion was born.

Following the success of the launch, and with astounding feedback from sites and readers, work went under-way to expand with a printed magazine to run alongside the site.

With a small army of contributors, and companies lined up to produce content for the first edition Alt fashion magazine was launched in July 2006. Covering a broader and more descriptive range of content from the site; looking at companies, features, and photo shoots.

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Alt fashion magazine was received with open pvc clad arms by companies, sites, and readers across the country. With such a warm welcome, the magazine continued, running with a 4 issue print run per year.

Not long after the links directory site; Alt Fashion Directory was also born, following an influx of interest from alternative companies for link requests to the site.

Since then the zine grew & changed plentifully; going on to cover a wide range of designers, and shops. Alongside features from events, artists, articles of interest, and much more.

Towards the end of it's run it became a digital only publication, focused on more editorial content, and fashion features, with the final issue of the magazine being released in 2013.

Alt Fashion magazine : issue 12 cover

Today, Alt Fashion exists purely as an alternative archive, a look back at a previous time in the alternative fashion world.

The site may no longer be updated, but it's still online continuing to provide those essential resources for this independent industry.

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