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A touch of black magick with Killstar's Occult Witch collection.

Drawing on the elements in darkly alternative style, with a stylish new range from Killstar, as they unveil their latest capsule collection, Occult Witch.

Killstar Occult Witch collection : Alt Fashion

A celebration of summer boho goth, with a dreamy collection that's as dark as ever. Tempting your dark side with custom-woven magical textiles and classic silhouettes that certainly embraces the occult with a deadly gothic look.

Killstar gothic clothing : Alt Fashion

This capsule collection fits in perfectly with their signature dark fashion style, bringing together spellbinding looks with classic gothic style, and of course, plenty of black! With pieces that are perfect for any modern witch, from the lace patterned Astral lace crop top, to the Madelyn lace sun dress with it's striking strap detailing.

Occult Witch collection by Killstar : Alt Fashion

Complete with the perfect accessories, including a matching scarf and stockings - making for a bewitching collection that you'll just be dying to sink your claws into.

Occult Witch by Killstar : Alt Fashion

Who says that you can't have enough black in your wardrobe, the Occult Witch collection is perfect to add more classic black tones with a deadly occult vibe.

You'll find the latest designs from the Occult Witch collection available now at