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Alt Fashion's guide to temporary hair colour.

Do you dream of rainbow coloured hair but worry about committing to that bold shade? Why not try temporary hair colour to achieve those unicorn locks, for a quick and colourful alternative look. As we take a look at some of our favourite temporary hair colour products.

Crazy Color hair spray : Temporary hair colour

Whatever your reasons for changing your hair colour, you can still obtain colour perfection with something that's a little more temporary... The world of hair dye has really opened up in recent years, and you'll be amazed at what you can try for a quick and easy alternative look.

Whilst these products may not tick the boxes for everyone, you'll be bound to find something here that you can spray, flick, or clip on, for an instant pop of colour without the commitment.

Temporary hair colour spray.

Spray on hair dyes have really changed in recent years, now you can find a rainbow of tones to try out with Crazy Colour's Pastel spray. Available in five dreamy pastel shades, lasting for up to 3 washes, so you can easily change your shade for the weekend.

Whilst this product may not suit everyone, with it being recommended for blonde hair, its perfect to try out a quick and easy look.

Stargazer Hair mascara : Alternative hair colour

Hair Mascara.

We couldn't get enough of this stuff in the 90's and it looks like it's here to stay, providing a quick and easy look.

Whether you fancy a vibrant pop of colour, or a quick touch up for your existing shade. You can find a rainbow of tones, and some glam glitters too, for an easy way to add some temporary hair colour to your look.

You'll find a range of shades to try from the likes of Stargazer and Paint Glow. These will wash out instantly, so they're perfect for a quick change for the night.

Colourful hair chalk : Temporary hair colour

Hair chalk.

A relatively new product to the alternative hair colour market. Hair chalk can provide a quick and easy touch of colour to any look with a simple swipe.

It's really easy to use, and great for lighter hair shades. Just swipe the hair chalk on using a sponge applicator, to easily add a touch of colour to your hair.

With a range of neon and pastel shades to try out, you can find brands like Splat and Stargazer offering a selection of hair chalks for some quick and easy temporary hair colour.

Hair Gel.

Not content with mere hair colour, why not add some style and tone all in one go with some hair gel!

Available in a range of neon and vibrant shades, it's a quick and easy way to add a pop of temporary hair colour whilst you style your hair.

You can pick up a tube from alternative hair dye brands like Manic Panic and Stargazer, who even have some sparkling glitter hair gels for that festival look at home!

Manic Panic Hair gel : Alternative hair colour

Clip in hair colour.

If you prefer some temporary hair colour with minimal effort required, you'll want to try some clip in hair extensions.

An incredibly easy way to add some colourful streaks to your hair, without having to brave the bleach. Simply clip them in under a small section of your hair to conceal the clip and your good to go!

We love hair extensions for a fool proof temporary look, and you can find a rainbow of shades to try out from alternative hair dye brands like Manic Panic and Stargazer.

Some final words...

When it comes to temporary alternative hair colour, you really are spoilt for choice for products to try out. Of course, there's also the option of semi-permanent dye for a quick change of shade.

Whatever temporary hair colour product you want to go for, you can find a selection of stockists for these brands and much more on our handy directory site.

Editorial note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.