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A guide to new alternative jeans styles

Guest post: Laura Watson

They are a crucial part of almost every wardrobe in the world and it's true when people say that jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing you can buy. On the alternative fashion front though, they were nothing special until recently. Falling in with the mainstream doesn't really give you a boost in the alternative style market, but recent developments by big brands mean we should all be sitting up and taking notice, since there are now new designs available which are definitely not your everyday high street wear.

uv skinny jeans

Traditionally we've seen jeans on the market in black, browns and the original blue denim styles which simply don't cut the mustard when you're looking to stand out from the crowd and look at least a little bit different to everyone else. Quirky designs added to these colours went someway to appeasing our need for something a little bit alternative, but many of us felt a few skull patterns here and there didn't go far enough.

Designers And Retailers Have Stepped Up To The Mark At Last

Amongst your personal collection of alternative jeans will probably be brands like Criminal Damage, Iron Fist, Hell Bunny and perhaps even Monkee Genes. All of these are big on offering different cuts, with skinny and ultra skinny jeans still finding themselves as the most popular shapes when it comes to alternative denim. However, until now the designs have been boring at best.

pink pinstripe jeans

Thankfully though, it seems that both the designers and the retailers have woken up from their skinny jeans slumber, springing into life and flying out the traps to offer a brand new range of bright, colourful and in some cases glowing jeans that we can all finally wear to show off our figures (although we're not sure if that's going to be a good or a bad thing yet!).

When it comes to these new styles it seems as though Blue Banana's skinny jeans collection is leading the way, just as they so often seem to do when skinnies are involved. Aside from at Blue Banana, you'll be able to find a huge variety of colours popping up all over the internet, with many of the biggest gothic, emo and alternative retailers deciding to follow their lead.

The Types Of New Designs Available On The Market

While some of the new styles are a little extreme, there won't be anyone claiming that the alternative scene hasn't been catered for thanks to some truly wonderful designs. Some of the favourites at the moment involve some bright ultra violet 'UV' colours including lemon and orange. In addition to these colours there are new patterns too, with stars and stripes making their way into the new ranges - and having a serious style impact.

So, whether you're someone who wears the occasion pair of jeans you've picked up from a designer outlet such as M&M, or someone who absolutely adores the feel of skinny jeans but just wants a little more from them in terms of style, you should really consider taking a look around your favourite online shopping haunts to see what new fashion the big brands they stock have made available.