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Alt Fashion's guide to alternative cosmetics.

Who needs L'oreal, I've got Manic Panic!

Whilst some cosmetics companies may be embracing a more darker palette of shades, you still can't beat alternative cosmetics companies for truly unique, and eye catching shades. There's a vast selection of alternative brands, and independent companies out there to try, so why not get creative and take a peek at some of these incredible alternative cosmetics.

Illamasqua lipgloss : Alternative make up

A mere ten years ago you'd be hard pushed to find that perfect shade of black lipstick, now you've got several of them to choose from. With this much choice it's often hard to know where to start, so we've made things a little easier, as we take a look at just some of the alternative make up companies that you can find today, with some recommendations for the perfect products to add to your make up bag.

We just adore Illamasqua for truly alternative cosmetics, a company that certainly embraces the darker side of life. We just love that they have alternative make up artists in their stores and concession stands, so you'll certainly get the right advice for product choices and plenty of style tips. Try their Liquid foundation for the perfect base, and yes, you will even find the perfect pale shade for a goth pallor. There's really no product that we don't love amongst their range, but we insist that you try their lipglosses, with gorgeous shades of purple, the perfect retro brick red, and pretty pastel shades.

Manic Panic are another alternative must, this U.S company have been at the heart of the scene since they first began, and with their vast palette of shades, it's made them a firm favourite, and you'll find their products over here much more easily than you would in previous years. Their Glamnation cosmetics are an alternative make up bag staple, recommended products to try include their Dreamtone foundation, which is vegan to boot, their Lethal lipsticks, which come in a range of gorgeous shades from blues to blacks and reds (not a coral lipstick in sight!), and of course it goes without saying, their vast range of hair dyes.

For a wonderful homegrown brand, Le Keux Cosmetics are perfect if you love the retro pin up look.

Sugarpill cosmetics : Alternative make up

Their lip paints, and gel eyeliner, are incredibly wonderful, and great if you want love a classic '50's inspired look. We can only hope that they continue expanding their range even further.

Another must for vintage darlings, is U.S label Besame, a company inspired by the glamour of '20's-'50's cosmetics that certainly knows how to make the perfect red pout, in fact they've got several of them.. Great for bold red and purple lipsticks.

Lime Crime are another U.S based company producing an alternative friendly palette of colours, with a rainbow spectrum of lipstick shades. You'll find virtually any shade that you've dreamt of, from pastel yellow, to metallic green, and even the perfect shade of black, yes that's right, they've got it down to a 'T'. A must try for their lipsticks and dreamy velvetines (lipgloss meets lip stain..), their eyeliners are remarkable too, for the brightest shades you'll ever find..

Lime Crime lipstick

Another remarkable U.S brand to try is Sugarpill, a brand with alternative roots, they have a dangerously addictive palette of shades, in neons, dark hues and plenty of glitter.. Try their pressed powders for truly remarkable colour, and their false lashes, for eyes that will cause plenty of envy..

Other notable brands to try include Stargazer, for their incredible Eye dusts, and eye lashes, in every style imaginable, U.S label Medusa's make up, for their highly pigmented eye dusts, and glitters, and Barry M, for their long lasting eyeliners, and nail paints.

You'll find plenty out there to try in an abundance of alternative friendly shades, with even more independent brands stateside, like Morgana Cryptoria, and Geek chic cosmetics, who certainly know their stuff. Why not explore our directory site to find stockists for all of the brands featured here.

Editorial note: This is an archived post, find our freshly updated guide to alternative cosmetics here.