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A colourful world of beautiful cosmetics with Fairypants.

Being colourful doesn't have to mean skimping on your ethics, we just love discovering new vegan cosmetics, even better when they're right on your doorstep here in the UK. Fairypants have been introducing a pop of colour to many a make up bag around the country, with their beautiful, shimmering and sweetly scented cosmetics that you'll just want to snap up and try on.

Vegan cosmetics by fairypants : Alt Fashion

Fairypants initially began it's life as a clothing, jewellery & accessories business, but a love of cosmetics soon led the business down a rather colourful, and beautifully scented new route, as business owner Natalie, began making a batch of vegan lip balms. Naturally they were a hit and Fairypants soon found a new direction, adding vegan cosmetics to the site.

With delicious sounding lip balms inspired by sweet treats and cheeky cocktails (from a tasty Strawberry cheesecake to a cheeky Amaretto and Cola) the sweet lip balms are just the tip of the colourful section of cosmetics that Fairypants now stocks.

After the successful launch of the lip balms, a colourful range of loose eyeshadows soon followed, with colours that shimmer and pack a glittery punch, all packed into a beautiful glass pot of colour.

Though the crowning glory of Fairypants range is the vast selection of colourful nail varnishes, you really are spoilt for choice.

Vegan nail polish by fairypants : Alt Fashion

With a range that includes speckled varnishes, pretty pastels and even scented varnishes, because who doesn't want their nails to smell of tasty blackberries all day!

The full selection of cosmetics really grew from that first range of lip balms, to a selection of sweetly scented perfumes, skin care and lip scrubs, and they're all vegan to boot. Fairypants range has certainly proved that vegan cosmetics needn't been boring, and with sweet inspired fragrances, varnishes and lip balms, they've created a wonderfully unique selection of cruelty free cosmetics.

vegan eye shadows by fairypants

The range of cosmetics has certainly gone down a treat, with Fairypants cosmetics now stocked at retailers worldwide including Cardiff's ethical lifestyle store, Simply V.

You'll find Fairypants full range of vegan cosmetics online at, from sweetly scented perfumes, to colourful nail varnishes and delicious lip balms, just don't blame us for the sudden drop in your bank balance...