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crowd at the opening evening

Urban and erotic explorations exhibition opening; 23rd April

Sultry latex, damsels in distress, & a spot of urban exploration; just some of the themes running through the latest exhibition of Northern artist Helena Eloise's work.

Taking a touch of fetish style and mixing it up with the decaying contrast of gritty urban locations; this collection of her work sees a series of collaborations that bring out a selection of both intriguing, and eye catching images.

Tying up sumptuous latex designs with an evening of art set up the scene perfectly for the opening of her 'Urban and erotic explorations' exhibition. With a selection of outfits by Cathouse clothing helping to set the stage.

The artist & her work

But the eye popping designs couldn't tear you away from the photos on display. Each image tells a different story, with the character depicted within linking each together. Themes from a modern day George & the dragon (rather apt with the opening day being St Georges day), to the whimsical steampunk setting along stunning steam trains.

The artist & her work

The urban exploration theme brought out a stunning example of some of the north's most intriguing derelict locations, buildings that have long been left abandoned to decay away in a state of much needed repair. The beautiful deconstruction of these locations is depicted within the photos, in a manner that truly fits the fetish angle of the images.

And with such a different setting for this exhibition, located in The red lion pub in Winsford, it certainly makes for an unusual gallery setting. You can find the gallery open until mid May at The red lion pub, Wharton road, Winsford, with free entry.

Helena's work can also be found online for those unable to make it to the exhibition at!/helenaeloisephotography

Review: Jacqui Plume | Photos c/o: Helena Eloise | 1st photo: Model Claire and Jayne Stead wearing latex from Cathouse Clothing (make up by Eyedolise, Claire Sandall) | 2nd: Helena with Phillip Armstrong aka 'Madam Lucrecia' | 3rd: Guests at the opening.