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Beautifully unique alternative jewellery by Jicsi's Jewellery.

Mystical charms, bejewelled delights and the delightfully macabre all feature in the wonderfully unique range by Jicsi's Jewellery. From the fantastical, to the dramatic & vintage inspired, you'll find plenty of delightful pieces that take your fancy.

Jicsi's Jewellery

Vintage charms, occult pendants and bohemian jewels are just some of the delights that you'll find in their Etsy store, with a range that's as varied and wonderful as it is strikingly alternative in style, you'll really be spoilt for choice with the selection of jewellery designs available.

Jicsi's Jewellery started out as an adventure in jewellery making by designer Jessica, looking for a replacement for her favourite piece of jewellery, she soon taught herself the art of jewellery making and it's all picked up from there, going on to make striking and unique pieces of jewellery.

Jicsi's Jewellery

Her online shop is bursting to the seams with plenty of pieces, from charm laden bracelets, to picturesque earrings and necklaces, taking on an abundance of styles from boho to gothic and the macabre.

With pieces to suit any style, whether it's a fantastical charm bracelet inspired by your favourite novel, a sleek pair of burlesque droplet earrings, or a delightfully macabre blood vial necklace that you fancy.

You'll just adore the beautiful and unique range of designs at Jicsi's Jewellery, why not take a peek at their Etsy store at, to see the latest range of designs, or visit to find out more!

We've teamed up with Jicsi's Jewellery to give one lucky reader one of their beautifully macabre Anatomical heart necklaces, visit our Competitions page to enter! - Competition has now closed