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Tights please : seamed tights

Pleasing Tights from the World of Tights Please: A Product Review

The classiest look in the world is a pair of back seam stockings, however, the necessary garter belt can created unwanted bumps under a fitted outfit. Tights Please sent me a pair of black tights with a red back seam courtesy of Jonathon Aston designs, I was very excited to review them- I wouldn't have to wear a garter belt! They also sent along a pair of contemporarily fashionable tights from the Pamela Mann range.

The Pamela Mann Strap Around tights are not ordinarily the type of tights I would pick up, however I paired these tights with a hot pink sixties style dress and thick black belt and they looked fantastic. They certainly drew, and flattered the look completely. Tights Please likens the design to the bondage tights worn by Cheryl Cole, but at an affordable price.

The Jonathon Aston red back seam tights are subtly sexy and

Tights please

very classy, and looked gorgeous with a vintage red dress. The contrasting back seam and reinforced heel and toe are particularly evocative of vintage style stockings. It is refreshing to wear black tights with a small signature look, that does not overpower the outfit.

As to quantity, being 100% nylon they were very elasticated and clung to my legs better than most generic brands do. They are very comfortable and stayed in place throughout the day, whereas some tights have the tendency to slide down throughout the day as they quickly lose their elasticity.

The Pamela Mann striped tights lasted throughout a rather raucous night out jiving, and still remain in fantastic condition. These tights seem made to last, I can imagine enjoying these tights for some time to come. In my opinion it is definitely worth spending a little more on a pair of tights that not only last longer than generic brands. Tights Please offer a huge variety of designs, including traditional plain black and nude, I would highly recommend checking them out.

You can these tights & much more online at

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