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support your local alternative campaign

We started our 'Support your local alternative' campaign over two years ago, as a result of seeing some outstanding alternative shops across the country being forced to shut up shop. We encouraged our readers to support their local alternative where they could, not just alternative shops but venues, tattoo parlours, boutiques, club nights & hairdressers.

We want to keep on encouraging you to support your local alternative, but not just what's local to you, we'd like you to support the alternative scene as a whole, we want to help keep alternative and independent businesses thriving this year, at a time when everyone is finding their expendable income incredibly low. By helping to support alternative & independent businesses we can help keep the alternative afloat, help support some outstanding creative talent and even help them to flourish.

You may not realise that a lot of alternative businesses are one person shows, run by outstanding multi-taskers creating wonderful pieces of clothing, jewellery and accessories to promoting their business and replying to your emails. We'd like you to take the time to appreciate all of this hard work that they take on, all too often we've seen alternative business owners strain under the bombardment of messages, feedback and orders, give them a hardy applause of appreciation when you can and keep on supporting them to grow their outstanding businesses.

Our site was launched seven years ago this March with the intention of helping to promote the vast array of alternative designers, companies & shops in the UK alone, since our launch we've helped to promote an incredible amount of talent and even reward that talent with our annual End of year poll. We'd like to think that we've helped to bring an abundance of custom to UK alternative businesses.

So as we re-launch our campaign we want you to support your alternative this year in whatever way you can, be it drumming up business by recommending them to friends, popping their details up on the net (you can even submit sites & shops to us for inclusion in our directory), and of course remembering that they're there whenever you need them. You don't have to throw all of your wages at your favourite's to keep them afloat, just helping to support them and recommending them where you can, can be of a huge help.

Shop front - American graffiti, Manchester Stall - Beadesarus

We're doing our part too by helping out, we'll still be actively promoting home-grown alternative & independent talent across the UK on our site and inside our magazine. Since we originally started this campaign we supporting our local alternative where we could from running fairs to sponsoring our local Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester, we'll be continuing to promote our local & UK wide talent through events, features and regular promotions.

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