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Stunning new additions for your cosmetics bag from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

We already adore Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for their vivid range of highly pigmented cosmetics that are cruelty free, and now we've got even more goodies to sink our claws into, as they unveil their newest selection of colourful cosmetics.

occ cosplay collection

Taking a grunge glam approach to their newest collection of cosmetics, OCC's new range of ready to wear lip tars, Asphalt world, makes the unnaturally beautiful clash against natural tones for a selection of 6 stunning new shades.

The Asphalt World collection takes it's inspiration from the eclectic tones of city living, for a range of nuanced neutrals and grunge glam shades that we can't wait to try out.

obsessive compulsive cosmetics cosplay

From the metallic rust red Mosh shade, to the muted grey aubergine Stud shade, and pastel goth's will just adore the lush lilac Disintegration shade.

And if that's not enough, the new limited edition RoboHoochie range is also available. In an eye poppingly bright futuristic magenta shade with a lush metallic sheen, the new range is available in a brash lip tar and nail lacquer.

Our friends stateside will be able to pick up the range at, where you can also find the new RoboHoochie collection. Here in the UK we'll able to snap up the new collections from Cocktail Cosmetics, where you can also pick up previous collections.