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Pick a rainbow of alternative lipstick shades.

Stand out with a rainbow of alternative colours, with these alternative lipstick picks.

We LOVE bold, bright and beautifully alternative shades when it comes to lipstick, why should you stick to a staple pillarbox red, when you could adorn a rainbow of bold and stylish alternative shades. Here at Alt Fashion we've hand picked a few of our favourite alternative cosmetic companies to shop from for those truly alt friendly, and beautifully bold lipstick shades right here in the UK.

Purple lipstick : Alternative make up

You can't beat a homegrown alternative label, and when it comes to cosmetics we're starting to get really spoilt for choice! With some outstanding upcoming companies creating their own stunning shades of alternative lipstick, that make for a great staple to add to your handbag.

Colourful lipsticks : Alternative beauty

From Fairypants, to VE Cosmetics, there's some wonderful new alt friendly lipstick shades being produced right here in the UK by some outstanding independent cosmetic companies, and did we mention that they're vegan friendly too! Pick out some beautiful, cruelty free lipstick, from Fairy pants beautifully bold Ivy lip paint in a striking emerald green, to VE Cosmetics stunning signature Violeteyes lipstick in a gorgeous shimmering purple shade, making for some beautitful alt friendly, and vegan lipsticks.

Another great alternative company that's started producing their own cosmetics range is Alt Fashion favourite, Prong. We've already been lusting over their striking chokers and stunning necklaces, but now you can adorn a collection of cosmetics that's just as amazing as their accessories. With a range of cosmetics that complement any alternative look, naturally you can expect to find a great selection of lipsticks too, and have they got a gorgeous selection to choose from! Try their bold and brash Viva la orange lipstick in a beautiful bright orange shade, that's also paraben free.

Illamasqua Disciple lipstick : Alternative make up brand

It goes without saying that it's always worth paying a visit to Illamasqua for their outstanding alt friendly palette of shades and cosmetics, with a lipstick range that's bursting with beautifully unorthodox shades, from dark blues, to bold purples and of course, a good staple black lipstick to boot. We just adore their matte Disciple lipstick for a deep navy blue shade.

For a vast selection of alternative shades, homegrown cosmetics company, Stargazer have long been our 'go to' brand for any unorthodox shades. With a range of lipsticks from glittery to neon and even lip stains, they've certainly perfected their latest selection of lip products. Try shade 121 for a subtle purple hazy shade thats great for any day to day look, or their lip stain paint in shade 5 for a wonderfully vibrant, neon pink shade.

There's certainly plenty of outstanding homegrown alt friendly cosmetics labels to shop from, with Barry M and Le Keux Cosmetics also providing a bold palette of alternative shades, from a sultry pin up red, to a bold, shimmering lilac, making for a great selection of lipsticks whatever your alternative style!

Images: Purple lipstick Stuart Miles/ | Lipstick swatches Salvatore Vuono/