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Plus size alternative clothing.

Something wonderful has happened to alternative fashion in the past few years, we've opened up our wardrobes to a world of styles, offering up more than just set standard sizes, giving you a world of choice for amazing alternative plus size clothing. No more countless hours spent searching for a size 24 frock, when you can find an abundance of styles to shop from at a mere click!

Spin Doctor, plus size alternative clothing

Since we first took a look at plus size alternative clothing a few years ago the industry has caught up with us, they've listened to their customers and have begun to offer a broader range of sizes across their range of designs - meaning that everyone can look fabulous, no matter what their dress size.

You only need to take a quick look around at some of the alternative fashion industries leading brands to see that things are moving in the right direction, with labels embracing choice and expanding their ranges to offer you a wonderful selection of designs and styles to shop from that go beyond a mere size 16.

Phaze Clothing, plus size alternative clothing

Whilst the choice for made to measure and bespoke pieces is always still available, we know that our readers love ready to wear pieces just as much, so we've done a spot of virtual shopping for you, hand picking some of our favourites to visit for a great selection of plus size alternative clothing.

Shop alternative.

For those of us that love each and every alternative style there's a great range of choice to shop from online. We already rejoiced at the addition of plus size clothing at alternative retailers Soho's in our previous plus size fashion feature, so we were pleased to see that they've continued expanding their offering of plus sizes in their web store as well as in their Liverpool, Shrewsbury & Chester shops, going up to a size 26.

Following suit, e-tailers Attitude Clothing have also expanded their range online, now offering a broad range of clothing from tops, to dresses, trousers and more, available up to a size 22.

Darkly gothic.

With even more labels expanding their range of gorgeously gothic designs to include plus sizes, there's a world of choice to shop from. Our End of year poll winners The Gothic Shop are a great place to start, with a vast range of beautifully dark dresses, tops, coats and skirts available up to a size 28.

With more retailers than before offering a wider range of choice, Kates Clothing have added a great plus size section to their web store, offering up to a size 30 across a vast selection of clothing.

Much loved gothic brands like Phaze now offer their latest designs up to a size 26, alongside Spin Doctor with a selection of their ranges now available up to a size 4xl (size 22). You can even find the perfect corset, with Burleska offering a great selection of plus size corsetry available up to a size 26/40" waist.

Plus size alternative clothing, Hell Bunny

Swing out in rockabilly style.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to glamorous pin up and mid century styles, with even more labels than before offering their designs in plus sizes.

Alt Fashion favourites Collectif have long been offering their designs in plus sizes, and they're continuing to do so across their full range of styles. Going up to a size 22 in their web store, as well as in their London and Brighton shops.

For a full range of outstanding designs Hell Bunny offer a great range to shop from, whether it's a new coat, some stunning capri's or a lush top that your after - they're even using plus size models to showcase their ranges!

Hell Bunny, plus size alternative clothing

Labels are certainly embracing plus sizes, with Lady V London even collaborating with plus size blogger Georgina Horne, from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, to create their new Lady Voluptuous range, offering a stunning selection of dresses up to a size 30-32.

Lindy bop are also worth a look for their range of vibrant frocks, tops and skirts available up to a size 26. Alongside Dolly and Dotty, offering their range of designs up to a size 24.

Things really have changed for the better in recent years, with more labels now offering a wider range of sizes across their ranges, making finding the perfect pieces for your alternative wardrobe even easier than before. We've helped to make shopping a little easier with the addition of our Plus size sections on our directory site, across a broad range of alternative styles, with a vast selection to shop from – we've only dipped our toes into a small selection of the labels and shops to visit here!

Whilst there still admittedly are some labels than have still yet to push their size charts up beyond a mere size 16, it's wonderful to see so many companies embracing a broader range of sizes within their latest designs. Here's hoping that it won't be too long till we see even more plus size designs available to shop from.