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Paper dress launch Paper dress launch

Paper Dress party launch Review & photos: Toria Brightside

Vintage shopping, in my experience has been a time consuming ordeal from which one results in actually coming to own a somewhat minuscule fraction of that which she initially found. Granted, the value for money, wearability and one-of-a-kind nature of the items does make all the rummaging worth it, but the newest and quirkiest boutiques of Leeds seem to be abolishing even that.

I am not sure if the sectioned and organized rails in Paper Dress Vintage (to be found at 30, New York Street) are arranged that way for aesthetic or shopper convenience purposes, but what I do know is that the result is serving them both to create as much of a pleasant experience as shopping can provide, not that it was ever a drag on any girl's day.

Decorated by the trademark hula girl made famous by the event's rather fitting sponsor Sailor Jerry, the Paper Dress launch party had the drink, mixers, music and some absolutely divine brownies (which, I am told, were made by somebody's awesome mum) in abundance for the guests from 6pm.

Paper dress launch
Paper dress launch Paper dress launch

Originating in London, the potential for future collaborations on fashion shoots prompted a conversation with the delightful owner of both boutiques, and a party advertising free Sailor Jerry was a perfect excuse for me to browse through the shop's apparel.

From velvet textured blazors for the boys to decorative, one off evening pieces for ME, the owner and buyer has exquisite taste spanning classic and kitch designs that are relevant to affordable modern fashion. The music of the evening was provided by local bands The Arrogance of King Canute, Tsar Nicholas III and The Exiles, Frenetics and DJ Craig Christon who, punctuated with burlesque dancers, spun an array of Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Post Punk, Jive Surf and Doo Wop.

I first passed through the shop as it shared a building with my trusted hairdressers Rebel Pin-Up, which I would also recommend to high heaven. So I woke up to an alarm which I wasn't entirely sure why I'd set, a little heavy headed, and threw on the nearest thing to me which happened to be one of the reduced price vintage treasures I had picked up the night before. Turns out I had to go and get the early morning haircut that I had tipsily booked with the Rebel staff, and actually ended up walking out of the place where the dog bit me looking a huge deal better than even when I walked in the previous evening, let alone on a usual day spent hungover.

An excellent, and arguably productive evening (if you can call shopping and haircuts productive, which I can). Truthfully for this reason, I wish that Paper Dress Vintage was a party venue on a more regular occasion.