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Le Train Fantome

Le Train Fantome

Exotic, sumptuous jewels to tempt & lure you over to the dark side. Le Train Fantome have created a collection to die for with a selection of jewellery that oozes fetish style with an everyday wearable twist.

Using a selection of eye catching materials from leather & lace to onyx to create something entirely unique & sultry.

With their first collection unveiled it's certainly caught our attention

Le Train Fantome

as a new label to look out for.

With a mix of classic pieces echoing the art deco period with elegant chain droplet chokers & beaded hair pins, to pieces that ooze fetish with ribboned chain necklaces & chunky rosary style chains.

Whether gothic decadence, classic vintage style or fetish inspired pieces take your fancy there's plenty to cater to all dark tastes in their debut collection.

Le Train Fantome's debut collection is online now available from

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