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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - International Designer

Eva Zolnar

Eva Zolnar

Creating amazingly futuristic designs inspired by Sci-Fi, with an incredibly stylish collection of cyber wares and accessories that you just adore - making them one of your favourites once again this year!

Image credits:

Photographer: Yuris Zaleskis

Model: Pofifishkas Aleksey

MUA/Hair: Diana Vonda-Krieva

Damaris Luhn

Damaris Luhn

An alternative tailor creating beautiful pieces of wearable art, from stunning corsetry, to amazing gowns that you certainly adore - making her one of your favourite designers this year.

Image credits:

Photographer: AverageShots

Model, MakeUp & Hair: Moony Mara

Outfit: Damaris Luhn

End of year poll 2017


Creating stunning garments, from beautifully detailed gowns, to alternative lingerie that could have been plucked from a gothic fairytale. With their intricately detailed designs making them one of your favourites.

Please visit designer's site (linked above) for images.

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End of year poll rules

As per previous years we're using an external form to take your votes for your favourite International Designer. Due to the script that this external form uses, it will only count one vote per person, we have decided to use this form again this year to keep it fair for all of the nominees.

Voting will remain open until 6pm on January 19th, the winners will be announced on January 22nd.

The nominations which we recieved prior to voting will also count towards the final total. Once voting closes we will count up the complete votes with the nominations to reveal the winner.