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International model; Joan V

Joan V

Joan V

Joan V is a gothic model with an abundance of experience as big as her bustle skirt.

Having worked with plenty of designers, and publications, even taking in a spot of acting over the years!

She's graced the creations of Art of adornment, & Retroscope fashions, whilst taking on features with EGL & Fixe in 2010.


2nd place

Regular readers may recognise Miss mischief from our winter 2009 cover, & previous photo shoots inside our magazine.

With such a changeable look, she's taken on plenty of work from designers, publications, & shows. Working with the likes of Mother of London, to Toxic vision.


3rd place

Brandyy skye is an alternative model with a ever changeable face.

Taking on everything from fetish, to fashion, & classic portraiture.

Working from fashion shows, to designers, & promotional work throughout 2010.


vintage lingerie, corsets and swimwear
vintage satin bullet bra, cone bra, conical bra