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Frequently asked questions from contributing to being featured

In depth faq's from writing for us to submitting photo shoots for our magazine.

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Everything you need to know about approaching us as an alternative or independent designer, or company, for a feature. find out more here >>>

Model feature


Everything you need to know about approaching us as a model. find out more here >>>

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Everything you need to know about approaching us as a photographer. find out more here >>>

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Frequently asked questions about Alt fashion

Q) What is Alt fashion?

A) Our site is dedicated to alternative fashion based in the UK. From features on designers and shops, to articles of interest.

Q) What is Alt fashion magazine?

A) The magazine was a spin off from our site. It was released twice a year, & the final edition was published digitally in October 2013.

Q) Where can I buy a copy?

A) We've since closed our magazine shop, but you can find us occasionally selling any rare in stock back issues over on Ebay, simply search for Alt Fashion magazine to find a copy!

Q) I'm interested in advertising, how can I find out about rates & spaces?

A) Simply stop by our advertising page here to find out about our online advertising spaces and rates.

Q) How can I get a feature on the site?

A) We're always on the lookout for more gorgeous alternative fashion to feature online, if we haven't already given you a feature on our website get in touch!

Q) How do I send in samples for a feature?

We are currently taking on items and sites for reviews from both UK and international designers, companies, & sites. To register your interest in a feature on our site, or to send us samples for a feature simply email leona [at]

Q) You've used an image of mine that I'd now like removed from the site/changed to a different image.

A) At any time that you decide you no longer want a past image shown online we can understand that you'd like it removed as swiftly as possible, simply contact us regarding the image removal, or replacement, and we'll get it removed as soon as is possible.

Q) Can I change details on a feature/listing?

A) Of course! If you've changed the address of your site, or even changed your business name, we'll make sure that your feature/listing is up to date. Simply get in touch with your query.

Q) I'd like to send some items for a giveaway/competition on the site, how can I do this?

A) Simply drop us a message with an idea of what you'd like to giveaway to our readers and we'll go from there! info [at]